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Resources for new believers

Open the Bible - The Flight

The Flight: "The Flight" is a 3-session journey through the Bible that will introduce you to 5 people from the Old Testament, 5 events from the life of Jesus, and 5 gifts God gives to every Christian. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you know about the Bible, "The Flight" is a great place to begin.

Open the Bible - The Drive

The Drive: "The Drive" is a 30-session journey that explores the peaks and valleys of the Bible story. Once you’ve completed "The Flight", "The Drive" will take you deeper into the valleys of the Old Testament, the peaks of the glory of Jesus, and the ups and downs of the Christian life.

Open the Bible - The Hike

The Hike: "The Hike" is our most rigorous path through the Bible story. If you’re up for a challenge and you want to dig deep roots into God’s Word, this 50-session journey is for you. Each session includes 5 questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

We Believe in Christ

Investigate the roles our Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled in his incarnation, and what his life, death, and resurrection mean for us today.

Basics of Reformed Theology

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Ligonier Ministry


Third Millennium Ministry


Reformed Theological Seminary
The free courses offered through Reformed Theological Seminary are available in two formats: via iTunes U and through the RTS Mobile App for Android and Apple devices. Course credit is only available for enrolled students, but in most cases the audio lectures available for free are the very same courses enrolled students use.

Covenant Theological Seminary
There are over 40 master’s-level classes available through Covenant Theological Seminary, and they also have a great app available which makes learning on your smartphone or tablet very convenient. You will need to create an account to listen to an entire course, but signing up is quick and you can preview two classes from each course without having an account.