Sunday classes are another opportunity to grow in Christ. We aim to make disciples who will go out and make disciples. On this page you can see the current adult studies going on following the worship service. Anyone can join these classes at any time.

Current Studies

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    New Members Class

    Pastor Matthew Fisher is leading a membership class for anyone interested in learning what becoming a member of a church is really all about. The class will be held in the South Building after the worship service. Anyone is welcome to join at any time.

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    The Parables of Jesus

    During Jesus' earthly ministry, one of the primary ways He would instruct His disciples was through parables. People would gather from far and wide in order to listen to what Jesus said about the kingdom of God, and the most common way He would explain the kingdom was in parables. What does God want us to learn from these parables? In this DVD series, Dr. R.C. Sproul examines several parables of Jesus, exploring the rich truths they reveal about who Jesus is and what He came to achieve through His life, death, and resurrection.