Life on Life Missional Discipleship

Life on life Missional Discipleship is more than a small group. It is a high commitment discipleship journey modeled after the pathway of Jesus. These selected groups are for (F.A.T.) men who are faithful, available, and teachable. Men sign a one year commitment to meet weekly through the school year for the goal training themselves of godliness, in the context of close accountability, and for the purpose of living on the mission of Jesus Christ. The strategy comes from the ministry of Perimeter Church in Atlanta, GA. Click here to learn more.


Small Groups

As a church, we strongly believe that the congregation is as strong as it's small groups.  These groups meet at homes or in the church building. Each is led by someone familiar with group development, and most groups are attended by a church Elder.

These groups take time to study the Bible in various formats, pray together, and learn to love one another better. We are always looking to begin a new small group while others complete their natural cycle creating space for a new group.

The different Small Groups are listed at the church with the leaders’ phone numbers, or you may contact the church office by phone (724-744-4760) or email for further information.


It's like playing darts and baseball at the same time! Every week, starting in the fall and throughout the winter season, retired men leave their man-caves to compete for the right to have their names engraved on the coveted dartball trophy. It is a great time of fellowship. Every Wednesday (9:30-12:00) the teams play. There is always a time of prayer and a brief message from the pastor and a good lunch at the end.