NLPC Member Portal

The Servant Keeper Members Portal is a very useful app that we encourage all New Life members to take advantage of. If you have an account, you will be able to review the individuals in your family and make all necessary changes to addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. You will be able to review your Giving History and print your Giving Statements anytime you want. You will be able to identify and define the activities, skills and gifts that God has blessed you with. You have the option of uploading photos of yourself and your family which helps others put a face to a name. If you look at the online church directory, you will see that many have done that already. You will be able to view them on the NLPC Church Directory within your portal. All this information is confidential and can only be viewed by you and the New Life Presbyterian Church administrators. This tool is a great way to keep all of your family’s information up to date. NLPC will be able to use this information to be better able to serve you, and for you to serve others. If everyone keeps their contact information up to date, your NLPC Family will be better able to contact you which will improve the overall communications within our church family.

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