New Life seeks to be the heart and hands of Christ in our community. As our name implies, we are living testimonies that Jesus changes people, "just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life" (Rom 6:4).

Sunday Morning Service - 9:45am


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VBS 2024: Breaker Rock Beach

At Breaker Rock Beach, kids will learn to recognize the difference between what the world says is true and what God says is true. Kids will be challenged to know that God’s truth never changes—even when it’s radically different from what some people say. They’ll discover that God does not want them to be conformed to this age, but to be transformed by the renewing of their minds so that they can discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God (Romans 12:2).

Adventure awaits each day as kids explore tide pools, spot orcas, fly kites, and watch the mighty waves crash up against the immovable Breaker Rock!

Register by scanning the QR code below, or clicking the flier.

Sermon Series

Exodus -- Who is Yahweh?

In this painting by Darius Gilmont, the Burning Bush is shown within a garden, with Moses standing on a boulder outside the garden, while being addressed by God. He is dwarfed by the scale of everything around him. To the right is a large bastion-like, stepped structure symbolizing the Egyptian establishment. Moses had to step outside of this in order to meet God. Additionally, notice the barrier between the bush and Moses, conveying Gods holy presence that we are unworthy of apart from grace. In the background on another mountain, two people are sitting around a campfire, maybe drinking tea. This is to suggest that the miracle of the burning bush happened in the midst of ordinary life.

“Do not come closer. Take your shoes from your feet, because the place upon which you stand is holy soil.” —Exodus 3:5

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