Bishop's Angle

bishop angle4

W. Burgon wrote wisely, “His creating hands formed our souls at the beginning; his nail-pierced hands redeemed them on Calvary; his glorified hands will hold our souls fast and not let them go for ever. Unto his hands let us commend our spirits, sure that even though the works our hands have made void the works of his hands, yet his hands will again make perfect all that our hands have unmade.”

This quote is found at the end of Dr. James M. Boice’s comments on Psalm 138. The Scripture both in Psalm 138, Romans 8 and the book of Philippians authoritative proclaim this wonderful truth.

I am called by the Word of God to believe it when discourage about my aberrant works. Unless I refuse to trust God then I must believe he will do that which is worthwhile through my life even when my attempts seem meaningless at best and utterly abhorrent at worst. Just as God’s love in all its glory is best comprehend at the sight of the Cross of Jesus Christ. With the faith of Christ Jesus in the Garden I am called to believe in his purpose and power.

Out of that calling God the Holy Spirit grants us the opportunity to pray this very truth as King David appears to do in Psalm 138. What powerful prayer it is to use the very means God designed to accomplish his clearly stated purpose uttered with confidence bolstered in his presence.

Regardless of life’s uncertainties and inexplicable turns living in Jesus is joyous. For we know by his Word, and have felt in his presence the great glory of his purposes. We Are a part of something of eternal worthiness, the glorifying of God while saving humanity from Satan’s traps and destiny. Hallelujah! To God be the Glory great things he has done.