Blue Chair reality


Immanuel Kant a philosopher from the 1700 said; By applying the pure forms of sensible intuition and the pure concepts of the understanding, we achieve a systematic view of the phenomenal realm but learn nothing of the noumenal realm. Math and science are certainly true of the phenomena; only metaphysics claims to instruct us about the noumena.

Today many are decedents of Immanuel Kant, much as Jesus pointing out in John 8:44r There are some today who would tell you that the blue chair at which I am looking may not be real. That the Noumena which is the reality of the chair, is perceived by me as a Phenomena. What I see or what appears may not be the reality at all and so you can never know for certain it is a blue chair. It might just look like a blue chair.

I might be seeing a blue chair but because I am slightly color blind it may actually be a green chair or not a chair at all. Today with the amazing powers of the computer generated graphics we can make a whole reality appear so realistic that we do not know the difference as in a movie. Many are so confused by this that they are uncertain about the most obvious realities. We have headed down a path of extreme skepticism as an excuse to live make believe lives. Many live lives made up of what they choose to believe is reality untethered to anything real.

Is there some truth to this teaching? Certainly there is for we are not infallible or inerrant in our perception of reality. I have been fooled many a time by those who told a believable lie. However saying that means that I believe there is actually truth as opposed to a lie.

However, God himself has crossed the border of the uncertainty between the reality, the noumena and the phenomena the medium or perceived. God Sent his Son Jesus who is ultimate reality (John 1:1) and came in reality a man that we might know the one who is beyond our perception and comprehension, God himself. God transmitted the truth about Jesus and therefore about himself in the bible, his Word to us, infallibly and in errantly. His word was transmitted by the person of his Holy Spirit. Jesus he took on our reality as humans and then transmitted to us this reality infallibly by himself, God the Holy Spirit.

What is left is simply to sit in the chair. How might we know, really know the truth about God, who he is, who we are and how we might be rejoined? Our own observations are corrupted and distorted by our very nature. How can we know him? We simply sit in the chair.

Faith is sitting in the chair. I may look at the chair before me and say I believe it will hold my weight. I might even examine it or have someone else tell me that it holds them. However I will never know with any certainty that the chair will hold me until I entrust myself to him. Sitting in the chair is trusting Him and what he has communicated to me through his infallible word.

I can know only by faith, sitting in the chair, entrusting my life, all I am and hope for, my feelings, my senses and all I am ashamed of, I entrust to him. Taking my feet off the floor and entrusting myself to him I discover the Joy of eternal life, knowing truly knowing God Jesus calls this eternal life. (John 17:2) by grace alone through faith alone in Christ Jesus alone as revealed in the bible alone.

Ahhhhh, carrying what felt like the weight of the world on my shoulders and the burden of my own guilt was really hurting my feet of clay. It was crushing me. Now I know reality as a gift from the really and only true God.

May God the Holy Spirit convince your sinful soul to trust Jesus for the forgiveness or your sins that you might be rejoined to God who made you.