I'm first a ?

In the doctors office this morning I began reading  “Welcome to a Reformed Orange BishopChurch” by Daniel R. Hyde.  I came across this angle from John “Rabbi” Duncan(1796-1870); “I’m first a Christian, next a Catholic, then a Calvinist, fourth a paedobaptist and finally a Presbyterian.”

Well the shoe fit so I wear this reality.  First I am unashamed of gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation for the Jew first and the Gentile, I am a Christian.

Secondly I am a Catholic for I believe there is one holy church made up of all those who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation as he is offered in the bible. This not limited to democratic Christians, Italian, Spanish or even roman.

Third, I am a Calvinist, for I believe that Salvation and for that mater life and everything that is,  comes sovereignly  from God the father through the Lord Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Forth I am a paedobaptis, believing that God the father expanded the symbol of his love for us in Christ Jesus by offering baptism as he had offered circumcision to believers and their children.  Only not just to the symbolic male children but to my daughter as well .  It is a beautiful symbol pointing to God’s love and the cleansing blood of the Lord Jesus Christ while I was yet a sinner.  Rather than point at my response to his love in faith and repentance. His action saves me, mine act of faith is merely a response, a completely necessary response, a receiving of the gift he offers.

Finally in this area of discussion I am a Presbyterian, believeing that in the matter of discerning the corporate will of God for his church we need the balance of a plurality of elected ordain (authorized) leaders. This is simply an admission that we are all corrupt and liable to fall into error.  Therefore we need the board of elders (session) to watch over the family of God and one another.

postscript, By the way these elders are referred to as “episcopoi” in Philippians 1:1.  That word, episcopoi,  means “overseer”, in english this is the word “Bishop.”   With my fellow elders in the Christian, Catholic, Calvinistic, Baptist, Presbyterian church, I am a bishop among bishops. Above all I am a forgiven sinner and by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ a child of God.