June Session Meeting at New Life

The Session of New Life met last night. Most years the session which is the governing board of the church, does not meet in June, July and August. This year we are meeting as part of an emphasis on prayer and spiritual development.

The meeting was graciously delayed by a week to allow me to spend time with my mom in her illness. Even with the delay our clerk Jeff and Associate Pastor Jeremy were not able to attend.

We began with our continued study and work in prayer. We considered the reason for prayer from Matthew 6. This was followed by a significant time in prayer for the individuals and families of the congregation and the ministry such as VBS. Truly this has been one of the most fruitful things we do as elders. All Glory goes to God for his answers and the prayers which the Holy Spirit leads us to pray. This time also included a peer review and discussion of the counseling work with which the elders are regularly involved.

We were blessed by a report from Robert Bodnar our treasurer. Bob wrote; “The income average amount based on our budget is $6,635 per week. Through the 22 weeks that have passed in Jan thru May the weekly average income is $7,340.”

We consider the plan and progress for Keith Sekera a nominee for elder being trained this year. The hope to open up to others leaders for training is being considered.

There was also appreciation of the great work Jeremy is doing in the area of Christian Education. It was noted that Jeremy has been given the opportunity to preach series of sermons on consecutive Sundays in July and August. This is capped off with a guest speaker preaching the following week. He is from this area, and we support him as missionary in a sensitive area.

Also a fall small group emphasis on Spiritual development using “Discipleship Explored” is being planned. Also the internship of Matthew Fisher was noted.

Finally there is a Meeting planned for June 30th at 7 pm. to brain storm ideas for further OutReach into our community.

Orange Bishop Each time the session meets I find myself at first wanting to stay home for some thing significant like watching “Mountain Men” on TV. I am so thankful that the Lord has his way and does not follow me. It is so much fun to meet with these godly men. Thank You Lord.