Missing in Marriage

Missing in Marriage


In the midst of the uproar of celebration and condemnation over the federal legalization of same sex marriage there has been a distinct absence. It is quit natural that this absence should appear. It is absent because of the irresistible reality of design. In many same sex relationships an effort to satisfy this absent reality is noticeable. It has been observable that in numerous same sex relationships there is a distinctive male and female role taken on by the participants. This may have contributed to the growth of gender confusion in our society and in individuals.

It is of course true that many of the characteristics seen as distinctively male or female are just cultural developed. However the presence of irrepressible distinctions between male and female is beyond genitals.

The beauty of this God design was brought to the surface for me in a book review by Tim Keller. The article can be found at the Redeemer Repot webpage.

http://www.redeemer.com/redeemer-report/article/the_bible and_same_sex_relationships_a_review_article

The article is titled, “The Bible and same sex relationship: A review article.” It is worth the short read as Keller in the process reviews a list of arguments. These are arguments used by those who would say that the bible is not opposed to Homosexuality.

I was struck by the last section. These paragraphs are subtitled “Missing the biblical vision.” Keller reviews the positive “glorious Scriptural vision of sexuality.” This is what is missing in same sex marriage among other things. Keller writes;

In Genesis 1 you see pairs of different but complementary things made to work together: heaven and earth, sea and land, even God and humanity. It is part of the brilliance of God’s creation that diverse, unlike things are made to unite and create dynamic wholes which generate more and more life and beauty through their relationships.

Keller mentions that the uniting of male and female is a sort of climax in the creation narrative. Marriage is a glorious gift as it is. Still it is a reflection. The bible clearly says in Ephesians 5 that Marriage is to reflect the relationship between humanity and God. This is especially true of Christians in that the church is the bride of Christ. For the Woman, the man, the child, the single, the divorced, the widowed, the great blessing that fulfills our innate longing to be one with, united to, another who is different from us finds its deepest satisfaction in a real relationship with God by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus who is essentially different, for he is God. Jesus who became fully one of us, human. Jesus who unites us by taking away the wall that separates, the wall of sin and rebellion, the wall of justice and holiness. He (Jesus) who knew no sin became sin, had the burden of our sin and guilt laid upon himself. By his sacrifice we are free to be united forever with our heavenly Father.

As Augustine pointed out we were designed for relationship with God and nothing short of that will so satisfy.