On Tuesday February 3, 1970 Cluster, a non-professional leading the morning worship in a small town in Kentucky briefly shared his testimony of faith. Then he invited others there at the student chapel to talk about their own experience as Christians. It was 10 o-clock worship service. The Holy Spirit used that spark to ignite moving sense of God’s presence. For the next 185 hours non-stop, classes were canceled and the 1500 seats were filled.

This was without a doubt one of the earliest experiences of a revival that swept the land in the 70’s.

May I suggest that you share your faith in a selfie? Perhaps the Spirit of our Lord Jesus would graciously use your act of praise in tribute to revive the soul of another.

Here are some suggestions. First just do it, be intentional and unrestrained, without delay. Don’t let the devil’s diversion rob you of this opportunity.

Secondly, be certain it is true to what God has said in the Bible; “This is the record that God has given us eternal life and this life is in his Son. He that has the Son has life.” I John 3:11-2.

            In a selfie taken wherever, tell what eternal life has meant to you. The Woman at the well meet Jesus, and later told the whole town what Jesus had done for her even though it disclosed her shame. The Demonic man in the Gardena district was told to share with his friends at home what the Lord had done for him.

Tell your friends and the church family what was going on in your life before you received eternal life. You can do this in a word, like “I was scared, or lost. You might remember a situation, “I was head for prison or death, or my marriage was crashing, I had no friends, I was a nervous wreck, just unhappy .”

Then be certain your selfie points to life and Jesus. What convinced you to trust Jesus for eternal life? Or how did He bring you to believe. This also can be done in a word or two, such as “ I heard a talk about Jesus” or I closed my eyes and prayed that Jesus would forgive me, I cried out to God for help.

Finally, tell us and the world what difference eternal life, Jesus, has made in your life. Many wonderful testimonies will just be this last part. Such as “Jesus gave my life meaning, (then explain tell of an incident or a few words). You might have many stories or reason to thank God for eternal life. Tell some of them, you may have many sweet selfie’s of tribute to JESUS to share.

The truth is the whole of a Christian’s life is a series of living selfies of praises to the Lord Jesus Christ in every area of life. We would all really love to hear some of yours.

            In 1970 When a reporter asked the skeptical Dr. Dennis F. Kinlaw about what was going in Wilmore KY that February he said; “Well, you may not understand this, but the only way I know how to account for this is that last Tuesday morning, about 20 of 11, the Lord Jesus walked into Hughes Auditorium, and He’s been there ever since, and you’ve got the whole community paying tribute to His presence.”

Pay tribute to the Presence of Jesus Christ in your life today. As simple as a piece of cardboard and as omnipresent as a selfie, say to the Lord I Love you.

Be sure to send me a copy, and permission to share it.